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How is everything? Have you visited this site recently? Please get in touch, those who have been texting me on the cellphone, I am very sorry I cannot answer on text. I can only reply through email or through comments here. You know it, perongs@yahoo.com or perongs5480@gmail.com . Those who have been invited to post, please accept by clicking on the link given to you. I am hoping we'll be on right track and pass the TESDA PC Operations Assessment. Thank you very much.

Mr. Castillo

TESDA Assessment for PC Operations (Part II)

If last time, I've devoted my share of experience on MS Word, this time, it will be on MS Excel. TESDA assessment will definitely test your skill on how to make formulas on excel. It is easy if you are familiar with functions and formulas. My advise is practice using them on your everyday quiz recording and grade computation. This helps.

There are instructions there that will ask you to multiply the values by certain increment, or subtract discount on the total. Things like that but you have to be careful for the questions/statements of assessments are very tricky. If I remember it right, there is one part that ask to format the negative numbers inside the parentheses, I've done it with all my knowledge, yet it can't really be done. The question is wrong so you have to say it to your assessor. You'll just have to format them correctly as seen on the copies. Be careful with the formulas, although it is quite easy, be very careful and double check them if necessary to assure you are following the instructions right! Good Luck!

TESDA Assessment for PC Operations (Part I)

Have you taken the assessment examination for PC Operations NC II by TESDA? Please help our co-teachers who will be taking the same exam by posting here your experiences. It will be much helpful if you could specify things about what transpire on MS word or MS Excel and the Internet.

As for me, all of the things asked in the exam can be found on the operation of MS Word. One thing is to try to make mail merge. mail merge is used in creating letters for many people with the same content. The MS Word program will fill out the fields for the letter so that it seemed to be customized and written one by one. Seek help on this through the office assistant and it will be explained to you. You should also try to put headers and footers. It is included in the actual assessment. You will be asked to create a letter with a header and footer. The contents are already there, all you have to do is to copy and format the document with styles as specified on the direction. Practice creating style and numbered list formats. This will help.

Please comment on this if this is helpful or not. Thank you!

Mr. Castillo

Please Post!

hello teachers, how are you? I just want to ask if you have received my invitations for you to post on this blog. If you haven't yet recieve any invitations yet, please contact me or email me. Those who have cameras during our graduation, please post the pictures for every one to see. Thank you very much and I am hoping that Mr. Jeram, one of our facilitators, will post video clips of our seminar on youtube. Please, visit this site often and post your questions and ideas for sharing with other teachers of the same field. Thank you very much and Godspeed.

Mr. Sphero Castillo

Message in the Keyboard

It is a good thing we have an experience like this for once in our lives. Let us continue to exchange thoughts and know-how in the field of Information and Communication Technology. If there are anything you would like to ask and share, don't hesitate to e-mail us. Mail me at perongs@yahoo.com or perongs5480@gmail.com . For those who would like to post their message, forward to me your e-mail addresses so that I can invite you to author some posts. thanks and Godspeed!


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